News : Want more Wedge Spin Control?

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Want the ball to stop more consistently? STOP BUYING WEDGES WITH STOCK SHAFTS! The majority of retail and pro shop wedges come with stock shafts that are too heavy for most recreational golfers.

And what they won’t tell you is that these shafts are the cheapest option for the manufacturer to use because heavier shafts are less likely to BREAK. Heavier shafts are harder to bend, so that means LESS CHANCE OF CREATING PROPER BACKSPIN.  Combined with the wrong choice of material in the wedge head itself, and you’re looking at golf balls that just release off the green.

Here’s a prime example of a client with a more suitable shaft in his AIDHM TOUR WEDGE build. Increased back spin because of the soft carbon steel head and the tour weight UST RECOIL shaft. And all at a moderate clubhead speed, which gives the golfer TOTAL CONTROL

If you’re uncertain as to what shafts are suitable for your game, talk to Master Clubmaker Peter J Doyle of Precision Fit Golf. We have a wide range of shaft options for every level of golfer and can put you on the right track to more consistent golf.

Precision Fit Golf


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