News : Why buying the most expensive driver doesn’t always guarantee the best performance

So no doubt you’re sitting with your mates in the bar talking golf, and the discussion comes up about your driver being more expensive, so naturally it has to be better.  Doesn’t it?  I’m afraid I have some bad news for you…..


Introducing the HL4 Driver from Tour Edge Golf.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tour Edge, they are without doubt the most successful game improvement golf brand in America.


That’s quite a statement to make you might think, but their owner and founder David Glod is responsible for creating some of the best performing golf clubs in the last two decades.  But imagine buying a driver for less than 399 Euro that beats the competition for ease of use, ball speed and forgiveness?


The reality is that most golfers believe that because something is more expensive, that it has to be better.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and in one example, in 2017, we proved that when we pitted the HL4’s predecessor (the HL3) against a driver which cost twice as much and was still 17 YARDS behind the brilliant HL3.  Have I got your attention?



David Glod describes as “DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING HE’S EVER DESIGNED IN ORDER TO ENHANCE WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION. THE END RESULT IS UPGRADED POWER WITH AMAZING FEEL AND FORGIVENESS.”  Our initial testing looks very promising with some serious performance data that is sometimes found in drivers which cost as much as 50% more in price.  Sometimes, being the key word…


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While every other manufacturer is jacking up prices on their drivers, Glod continues to give more BANG for BUCK.  32 Seconds into our video above, and you can see how easy it is to launch, with low spin and impeccable ball speed.  Did I mention that this particular driver head also had 12 degrees of loft?  That’s a discussion for another time.


So now you know, Tour Edge, a company that doesn’t pay big endorsements to tour golfers can mix it with the big boys, and put them to shame with the quality of the products they product at a price which is hard to beat.  And for those of you who like equipment that is REALLY used by the pros, check out EXOTICS which is the premium product offering from Tour Edge.  Just ask the Number 1 Ranked Player on the Senior PGA Tour, Scott McCarron who has found a rich vein of form and consistency since putting the Exotics CBX into his bag.



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Exotics and Tour Edge products are available Custom Fitted and Built from European Clubmaker of the Year, Peter J Doyle of Precision Fit Golf in Tramore.

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