News : Ever hit the Sweetspot of your Driver consistently?

Ever look at one of your clubs and see this pattern?

Well there is a reason for this.  In a situation like this you will probably say it’s your technique!  “Couldn’t be the club, has to be my swing!”.  And there are some instances where you could be correct.  But what if I told you that the majority of golf shafts are not CONCENTRIC!

For those of you who aren’t sure what that means, allow me to explain.  The shaft is slightly curved from the grip end to the tip where it meets the head.  Not enough to be seen with the human eye, but it is there nonetheless.  In a perfect world, if the shaft was perfectly concentric, the head would move back and forth relatively straight.  So it would be like the majority of hand eye co-ordination sports.  But because the shaft is curved and probably installed in a mass produced environment, the shaft and head can behave erratically as a unit and cause the golfer to hit inconsistent shots like the one in the image above.

So we’ve determined that the majority of golf shafts are not concentric, but by working closely with a PROFESSIONAL CLUBMAKER, you can have the shaft installed into the clubhead in a more effective way to help you hit the ball closer to the center of the club face.  That in itself can improve your accuracy by up to 50% and distance by as much as 15%.  However, for those of you who like to experiment with the adapter in your drivers to find a setting that works, probably best to read on.

The image above is an Exotics EX9 driver that was purchased by one of our up and coming golf starlets playing out of Waterford GC.  It is a 12 Degree Clubhead which sits slightly closed in it’s NEUTRAL SETTING.  However, the golfer wanted it to look more square, so we opened it up to a DOUBLE MINUS SETTING which is 11 Degrees.  If you look at the FACE of the DRIVER, you can see that his STRIKE PATTERN is superb.  Brilliant hand eye co-ordination by this kid, but because the club was built by a PROFESSIONAL CLUBMAKER, he was able to hit it more consistently out of the middle.

The reason this driver works so well is because it was built with the face angle the way the golfer wanted it, but then the shaft was aligned correctly so the shaft would move back and forth in a straight line like you see in the video below.  This is an aftermarket shaft that is about to be installed correctly into a driver.  Notice how the head moves back and forth from left to right.  This is why a CUSTOM BUILT club will always outperform a STOCK PRODUCT bought in a shop or store.

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So ONE POINT ALONG THE SHAFT which makes the head move back in a straight line.  Now it’s easier to hit the ball.  But there is a catch.  This point along the shaft is within 1 or 2 Degrees around the circumference of the shaft.  Think about that.  We are talking about a point somewhere around the 360 Degrees of the shaft.  How do you find this point?  Answer is, you don’t.  Your professional clubmaker is trained to do this and can turn a bad club into your best club.

This image you see above explains what we are saying here.  Within the circumference of this circle you can see all these lines about 1 degree apart.  Out of the 360 contained within a circle, there is a point that if aligned correctly, the shaft can move from LEFT to RIGHT.  So if the CLUB is PRE-ASSEMBLED with the adapter in the SETTING of your choice e.g. NEUTRAL, CLOSED, OPEN etc., then the shaft is INSTALLED CORRECTLY so the golfer gets the correct shot shape but also a greater chance of hitting it out of the center of the club face over and over again.

So there is still a chance you can hit the ball better, not just on your driver, but on any club that gives you a problem.  Finally, for those of you “Indian, not the Arrow” golfers, here’s a clip from Joey Golf showing a shaft before and after it has been balanced or SPINE ALIGNED.  Check out 23 seconds into the clip and you can see why it’s next to impossible to hit the club consistently.  But at about 43 seconds, with some clubmaking brilliance, the optimum position on the shaft has been determined.  So once installed, this shaft will make the club behave more consistently.

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Not always the Indian guys.  For any of you wanting to know more about the benefits of Professional Clubmaking, Shaft Flat Line Oscillation or Spine Alignment, contact our resident Master Clubmaker Peter J Doyle at Precision Fit Golf, Newtown Golf Range, Tramore.

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