News : Professional Clubmaking

The missing ingredient for the improving golfer.  Do you find golf difficult to play?  Do you watch all the top stars in golf on television, see them flushing each shot and wonder how they play so well.  Even their bad shots tend to be less devastating.


So you are probably asking yourself, “what is missing from my equipment and what can I do to play more consistently?”

Well you should start by speaking with a PROFESSIONAL CLUBMAKER.  And not a shop assistant, or sales person, or someone working in a golf store where there are bags and bags of lovely clubs to distract you.  And distract you from the most important aspect of all this, that in order for your clubs to work more effectively, THEY HAVE to be MADE for YOU.  Not Custom Fitted and then buying a standard set which is a close second, but precisely for you.  If it’s good enough for the professionals to have their clubs CUSTOM BUILT, then the average golfer of all people needs that level of build and forgiveness to help them hit more fairways and greens.


We are a highly specialized group of golf professionals whose sole commitment is helping the average golfer to enjoy the game of golf.  Secondly, we are trained to a much HIGHER LEVEL of PROFESSIONAL CLUBMAKING and CUSTOM FITTING than the majority of shop assistants.  But our greatest asset is that we can take various components to make great equipment that is EASIER to USE, improve your ACCURACY by up to 50% and improve your DISTANCE by up to 15%.

You can keep buying brands each year because you saw some pro using them on telly, but it’s not worth a damn if your golf game continues to suffer.  Nothing drives a golfer to trade up for the “latest gimmick” than a handicap going in the wrong direction.  So take a deep breath, see the cycle you are in and ask yourself “How good can I become if I actually got my clubs PROFESSIONALLY BUILT for me?”

So why not be like the thousands of smart golfers who’ve come to Precision Fit Golf to have their clubs PROFESSIONALLY BUILT and are beginning to see the difference.  Clubs that are built more effectively allow you to play more consistently and develop a better, all round game.

We’ve had beginners gain extra distance off the tee, become more accurate, get irons that stop and wedges that stop on a sixpence.  BEGINNERS.  Think about that.  Golfers who are new to golf.  And why?  Because their clubs were CUSTOM FITTED and CUSTOM BUILT by a PROFESSIONAL CLUBMAKER.

Imagine what you can do with the right clubs.

Break the cycle of buying STOCK PRODUCT from stores.  Break the cycle of buying brands that continue to let you down.  Buy what works for you, not what looks nice in your bag.


Peter J Doyle