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Aidhm Irish Putters – TAKE AIM

So a new driver or new set of irons comes out on the market, and you think “I’d love that!” or “must get a new set of irons!”.  But what if I told you that the putter is the most overlooked piece of equipment in your bag.

Putting can take up as much as 35% OF YOUR ROUND.  Think about that for a moment.  We rush out and spend so much money on the “sexy” clubs, irons, woods and wedges.  But then we go cheap on the flatstick, the club that matters most!  So it’s no wonder when you step onto the green, that your confidence starts to go, because you’ve haven’t invested in a high quality, performance putter that feels superb and rolls so consistently.



Well fear no more.  Introducing the Aidhm Series of Putters from award winning Irish Clubmaker, Peter J Doyle.  Aidhm (pronounced “I-AM”) is an Irish word meaning To Take Aim, and the Limited Edition R Series Blade certainly helps the ordinary golfer to do that.

The head is manufactured using a 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine, and the material used is a soft carbon steel to create one of the best feeling putters around.  The R Series Blade allows the ball to roll more effectively across the putting surface, and can also be adjusted for optimum lie angle to help all golfers start the ball on a more accurate line.



Our latest customer only yesterday had 25 PUTTS in his round of golf.  41 points off 7 handicap in tough conditions at his local club, and telling us that he “made putts from just about everywhere!”.  Another customer telling us “I’ve never seen the ball roll so consistently with such an amazing feel!”

So why don’t you break the habit of buying cheap putters that don’t perform?  As a country, we’ve always been known for the high quality products we manufacture, and the Aidhm Series of putters is no exception to that rule.  So why not buy Irish?

Aidhm Irish Putters


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